Freak folk musician Cime, based out of Southern California, has been putting together an entirely unique approach to the genre, syncretizing the abrasive textures of the underground & old alternative scenes with rich and varied Latin stylings.

Their debut album, The Independence of Central America Remains an Unfinished Experiment, released on July 1st on all streaming platforms as well as on a physical CD. Within a month of the albums' release, Cime reached nearly 200 monthly listeners and 1200 total album streams on Spotify and launched a small tour which coincided with them headlining a hardcore show in Las Vegas on July 17.

Continuing this momentum, Cime is releasing two live singles recorded from this headlined performance in September, booking more shows from across Southern California & beyond from October to December, releasing shirts & cassettes, and even getting back into the studio to begin recording their next exciting project.


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Hex Camberos Photo with Aron Farkas (right) from 8/01 Che Cafe Latinx Fest

Hex Camberos Photo from Body War 04 Show on 8/15/22

Hex Camberos Photo with Aron Farkas (right) from 8/01 Che Cafe Latinx Fest in San Diego

Monty Cime Photo with (from left to right) Diego Gonzalez, Jay Ingram, Monty Cime, and Aron Farkas from 12/15 FTG Warehouse Show in Santa Ana

Hex Camberos Photo with Jay Ingram (right) from 8/01 Che Cafe Latinx Fest in San Diego

Hex Camberos Photo

Hex Camberos Photo

Nevaeh Blanco Photo with Zach and Airon from Crochet (from left to right) from 7/19 Las Vegas Cime/Crochet headlining show

Media (Interviews, Live Shows, etc.)

Interview with Vancouver-based LGBT radio show Gender Queeries, aired on co-op radio station CFRO-FM on August 26, 2022.

Cime's last show of December 15, 2022 titled "War as a State of Mind." Live band features Jay Ingram, Aron Farkas, and Diego Gonzalez. Setlist of six songs comprised of four originals and two covers.

Live Recording of Cime practicing "By the Bunches."

Cime's first out of state show in Las Vegas, NV. Featuring Aron Farkas as well as Airon Gauff & Zach Tarzi from Crochet.

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You can also contact Cime's management for booking or other inquiries at or call/text (preferrably text) at (714)-204-6314.